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IWC renewed its Aquatimer line this year and added some timepieces with exceptional features. Aquatimer Deep 3 is the brand's third generation diver's watch with a mechanical gauge. It represents the evolution of watchmaking. The new IWC Safe Dive bezel is safer, more functional, and easier to use. It can dive up to 100 meters (about 330.6 feet).

The new IWC Deep Three (ref. The IW355701 is made of titanium, and measures 46mm diameter by 16.5mm thickness. The new titanium case makes the diver lighter than the stainless steel predecessor. The rotating bezel is slimmer and has recessed grips.Breitling Replica This makes the watch look less bulky.

The special bezel clutch mechanism cover is at 4 o’clock, and the reset button for maximum depth is at 2 o’clock. The depth gauge's intake system is located at the 9 o’clock position. It uses water pressure in order to calculate the correct depth.

The dial is simple, uncluttered and sleek, despite the fact that it has multiple displays. The dial is covered with a superluminova coating that ensures perfect legibility even in low light conditions. The use of two colors also makes it easier for the diver to navigate in the dark.breitling superocean replica Green is used for the displays that relate to the dive, like the depth, dive time, and minute and second displays, while blue is used for the hour hand, indexes, and other displays.

The caliber 30120 mechanical watch movement is used to power the watch. This movement has a generous power reserve, which can last up to 48 hours when fully wound. The self-winding movement has a balance rate of 28,800 vibrations an hour (4 Hz), and is made up of 21 jewels. The watch has a mechanical depth indicator with split indicator. The blue depth gauge moves during a dive to indicate the current depth. However, the red maximum depth displays remains at the depth reached up to 165 feet (50 meters).