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Invicta launched its most ambitious model to celebrate a decade of the Russian Diver Series. The Russian Diver Nautilus Panerai Replica is a watch with many admirable features. It is the special case construction that allows it to withstand water pressures of 1,000 meters. The case is waterproof due to the solution implemented. This is despite its construction allowing the movement to be viewed from the front (through a Panerai Replicaized dial), and the back (through a transparent section that appears once the protective hatch has been opened). The movement is a mechanical ETA 6497 calibre.Panerai Replica The watch is made of stainless steel with a Russian Diver-styled housing. It comes in a variety of versions, including different finishes on the case or the Panerai Replicaized movements.

The Russian Diver is the Flagship Series. Invicta's anniversary model is one of their most ambitious (the only one more impressive is the Invicta Tourbillon) models. Invicta has been trying to introduce mechanical timepieces in recent years, rather than quartz movements that are typically associated with this Florida-based brand. We have seen similar attempts in the Russian Diver Series (for instance, the model with linear architecture), from which the new Nautilus Panerai Replica is derived. The brand claims that this newcomer celebrates 10 years of the Russian Diver being reintroduced. It also states that the entire collection is based on the watch made by Swiss-based Invicta for the Russian Fleet in the middle of 20th century. As we've written before, the claim is not without doubt. Invicta models are also plagued by a lack of information. Let's share some more information about Invicta's newest model.

The Panerai Replica watch is proud of its special case construction, which allows it to be water resistant up to 3,300 feet. Housing is controlled by a pair levers that are connected to different gears. The case back is protected by protective bars, and this trait allows it to have an independent locking and unlocking system for the frame that houses the flame-fusion crystal. A special hatch is located on the case's back. When opened, it reveals the movement from the opposite side.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches The Russian Diver Nautilus is a massive steel case with a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 18 mm. The crown is also a distinctive feature of the case, and the protective cap at the end of the chain. The left-side of the housing is where you will find this distinctive feature of the Russian Diver Series.

It is nice to see that Invicta has made the movement visible on both sides. The movement is ETA 6497. (Although, due to the lack of information on this subject, it's not known if Invicta modified or adapted this movement). This caliber is widely used and is very reliable. It is a part of many different brands' timekeepers. The caliber has 17 jewels and manual winding. It also provides a 50-hour power reserve. It only has two functions: hours and minutes.