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Omega Replica Arsenal ReserveAnother watch supplied with Ronda 8040.N caliber comes in two different silver and black incarnations. Thanks to the movement of choice, the timekeeper is once again equipped with a chrono function, a date display and a day of the week indication on the top. Constructed with a stationary bezel, fixed with six screws, this product has a two-tone steel housing with the width of 48mm and a matching bracelet. Two versions sport different sorts of faces: while the 13047 has a silver dial, the 13048 features a black one.

Venom ReserveMoving forward to timekeepers with exceptional water resistance to 1000 meters, we will firstly share a few details about the interesting looking Venom Reserve models. As it was the case with many of already reviewed models, this timepiece with a silver face and crenulated unidirectional bezel functions thanks to Ronda 5040.D chrono quartz caliber. This sturdy diving watch is placed inside a 53.7mm wide solid stainless steel housing. It is paired with a genuine leather strap (either brown or black) and available in three versions that have different colored bezels.Omega Replica As the version 12960 has a bezel in silver color, the 12961 version is treated with 18 karat rose gold plating, while the 12962 sports the one with a black gun metal plating.

Corduba 1000 ReserveFurthermore, the limited Jason Taylor series includes one more watch with the amazing water resistance to 1 kilometer. This futuristic looking timepiece is forged with highly resilient materials: the housing is made from titanium, while the attachment is from Kevlar, the same substance used to make bullet proof vests. Even though it has Ronda 8040.N caliber as few other models from the limited series, there is a twist. The face of the watch is tilted 90 degrees to the right, so that the dial features a different layout, while the crown and pushers sit at the bottom of the face. There are four different incarnations of this 48mm wide timepiece with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The first two are with 18 karat plating on the bezel: the 13049 has a black and gray dial and the 13050 has a silver one.Omega Constellation Replica On the other hand, two next versions are with black ionic plating. While the 13051 has a dial which is black on the outskirts and silver in the middle, the 13052 has a silver dial. Each of four variations sport rose gold colored accents on the textured dials.

CordubaThe final of the models from the Jason Taylor restricted series by Omega Replica comes with the Corduba designation. This model is supplied with ISA 9232/1930 quartz caliber, which apart from standard date display located at the three o'clock position on its black dial also has two more subsidiary counters. The top one indicates months, whereas the bottom one shows time in 24-hour format. As for the housing, the material is stainless steel, while the width is 52mm. For the wristlet, Omega Replica chose a rubber strap with metal inserts that match the case. There are three versions of the timekeeper with the unidirectional rotating bezel: the 13687 has a silver colored case, while two other 18 karat gold plating. While the model 13688 has yellow gold plating, the 13689 sports rose gold one. The featured water resistance is 200 meters.